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Who we are

We are a leading garment procurement company here in Bangladesh. Based on client’s requirements we do Product R&D, Sample Development, Bulk Production, and extensive Quality Control.

Though working with 13 happy clients, we still claim that we are a clothing ‘startup’. Every day we work on various sorts of requirements from our clients to learn more. We are working for minimum quantity like 500 pcs to big quantity like 2M pcs of items.

Our Strength & Capacity


We are equally strong in Knit and Sweater products. Our expertise also extends to Woven and Denim.

  • Denim: 91%
  • Woven: 94%
  • Sweater: 92%
  • Knit: 97%


  • Circular Knit – 50 M/yr
  • Sweater Knit – 6 M/yr

Our Services

Product R&D:    

  • Experimenting on levels of heat treatment and tensile strength for fabric qualities
  • Producing fabrics from various percentage of raw materials
  • Any kinds of Print s/o and lab dips preparation

Full-fledged Production:

  • Quoting prices for any knitted items and verifying with several factories
  • Making samples (including SMS) on newinquiries within 7 days
  • Shipping the products on-time

24/7 Quality Control:

  • Strategic plan for projects for ensuring on-time delivery
  • Regular QC of the products for ensuring quality
  • 24/7 updates with photos through our own online Platform
  • LIVE streaming of the inspection process through our platform

Our Specialties

  • Talented textile engineers, merchandisers and QC team
  • Updates of productions 24/7 through our own online Platform
  • Final report on the whole project stating the probable improvements
  • A blend of innovation with 15+ years of experience

Our Products

  • Men: Basic T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodie, Cardigan, Jackets, Jersey, Shirts, Underwear, Sweater, Denim-Trousers, Denim-Jeans, Slim/Semi-Slim Jeans.
  • Women: Basic T-shirts, Basic T-shirts (AOP), Cardigan, Jersey, Maxi, Skirts (Long/Semi long), All sorts of Tops, Sweater, Jackets, Jeans, Slim/Semi-Slim Jeans.
  • Kids: Knit wears, Tops, Cardigan, Bathing Suits, Sweater, Jackets.
  • Hometex: Towel, Tea Towels, Bed Sheets.
  • Finished Leather Products:  Belt, Office Bag, Backpack, Wallet, Ladies Bag, Travel Bag andShoes.

Our Commitment

With our expert teams and innovative solutions, we assure you the most pleasant buying experience ever.