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Our Mission

Our priority is to develop and operate responsible, sustainable and agile supply chains that meet the demands of a dynamic global retail sector while safeguarding and enhancing the lives of all those who are touched by it. We aim to make lives better for a billion people along the supply chain.

Massage from Swapno Bunon LTD.

Swapno Bunon Ltd. was established as a garment procurement company for overseas importers and importer’s agent around the world. We are supplying of Woven, Kint, Sweater, Home Textile, Finished Leather & Jute Products. We have many years of experience being innovative furthermore creative, generating a strong and steady flow of new ideas, concepts, and designs that works in the trends and fashion world. We determine to supply specific needs in terms of design, materials & quality. We have developed an extremely flexible production system, where quantities, qualities, lead time and competitive prices are not a contradiction.

We are committed to helping customers grow and maximize their investments, Swapno Bunon Ltd. delivers you the latest and most relevant Factory news & others sourcing. Our careful activities will help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

End-to-End Solution ;

If you have nothing but you want to sell a product as per the new market trend then we have a great solution for you. Just share your requirement idea with us. Rest of taken care of by our team. We can deliver your design based on market trend, instant quotations, manufacturing, quality control and shipping. Not only that until the garments reach your warehouse, including C&F agents on the sourcing port, air or sea freight, customs broker management up to home delivery.

Swapno Bunon Ltd. Will not only make sure that the garments are ready to ship on-time but Also ensure get the product delivered on-time.

Logistic & Shipping ;

Swapno Bunon Ltd. has own Logistic & Shipping team who can take care of the shipment of goods to the warehouses of our clients. Starting from C&F agents on the sourcing port, air or sea freight management, custom broker management up to home delivery is our responsibility. Clients won’t have to worry about this at all.

Capacity ;

Woven  (Denim) – 10 Millon/year Production Line: 40 lines

Woven  (Non-Denim) -13 Millon/year Production Line: 50 lines

Knit – 27 Millon/year Production Line: 75 lines

Sweater – 15 Millon/year Production Machine: Jacquard 2200 SET

BSCI, SEDEX, OEKO-TEX, GOTS & OCS, ACCORD, ISO, LEED Certified. Logo has to be added on below chart.

Make a chart like this below on capacity bar –