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Wholesale T-Shirts From Best Garments Manufacturer Company

Are you looking for a reliable wholesale supplier of high-quality t-shirts and garments? Look no further than our garment manufacturing company. We offer a wide range of products at competitive prices, with a commitment to exceptional quality and customer service.

Bangladesh has played a leading role in the T-shirt industry worldwide. Currently, T-shirt export shipments from Bangladesh stand at 1.3 million. Germany, Spain, the United States, the UK, etc. were the main destinations of t-shirt exports from Bangladesh.

Why Will You Import T-shirts From Swapno Bunon Ltd.?

Swapno Bunon is one of the best garment manufacturers and a wholesaler of T-shirts. We supply the highest quality products to our buyers. Also, we provide a one-stop solution for the buyer. We have many foreign buyers who are happily doing business with us. Our support team will always help you and solve all your problems for the garment business. 

Our wholesale t-shirt and garment factory uses only the finest materials and manufacturing techniques to produce our products. We have a team of experienced designers and skilled craftsmen who work tirelessly to create products that meet the highest quality and durability standards.

We specialize in producing t-shirts and other garments in bulk, which makes us an ideal partner for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a large order of t-shirts for a promotional event or custom-made uniforms for your employees, we can meet your needs.

Our wholesale prices are highly competitive, and we offer discounts for bulk orders. We believe high-quality products should be accessible to everyone, so we work hard to keep our prices affordable without sacrificing quality.

Why you will import t-shirts from Swapno bunon Ltd.?

How Do We Make The Best Quality T-shirts?

Our products are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles, so you can find the perfect match for your needs. By taking these steps, a manufacturer can create a high-quality t-shirt that is comfortable, durable, and has a great fit. By taking these steps, a manufacturer can create a high-quality t-shirt that is comfortable, durable and has a great fit.

How do we make the best quality t-shirts?

✔Choose high-quality materials: The material used for the t-shirt should be soft, comfortable, durable, and breathable. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric for t-shirts. However, other high-quality fabrics are available, like bamboo, linen, and modal.

✔ Use the proper stitching techniques: the stitching technique used for the t-shirt should be sturdy and not quickly unravel or tear. Double-stitching and reinforced seams are standard techniques used for t-shirt construction.

✔Pay attention to fit and sizing: The t-shirt should fit well and be true to size. It should be comfortable and not too tight or too loose. Different size charts for men and women can help achieve a better fit.

✔Use high-quality printing or embroidery techniques: If the t-shirt is being customized with a design or logo, it’s essential to use high-quality printing or embroidery techniques that will not quickly fade or wear off.

✔ Quality control checks: Every t-shirt should undergo a thorough quality control check before being sold to ensure that it meets the standards set by the manufacturer.

✔ Proper care instructions: Provide care instructions for the t-shirt to help maintain its quality, such as washing instructions and ironing recommendations.

Buyer's Choice And Market Demand:

We make all the T-shirts per our buyer’s choice and market demand. Our products are available in various colors, sizes, and styles. you can find the perfect match for your customer needs. We also offer custom design services so that you can create a unique look for your brand or organization. We believe high-quality products should be accessible to everyone, so we work hard to keep our prices affordable without sacrificing quality.

One-Stop-Solution From Our Company For Buyers:

Swapna Bunan Ltd. is not only a garments manufacturer’s company but also handles all the responsibilities of your garments business. Nowadays, many people want to start a garment business or do it on a small scale. Swapnabunon is a good platform for those who have yet to start a business but are just wondering how to start a garment business. And it would be a good garments company for those who have started on a small scale and want to grow their business because we have a skilled business team who have brought success to many companies. Your money and our efforts will help grow your garment business.

By Taking These Steps, We Offer One-Stop Solution:

Swapna Bunan Ltd. not only garments manufacturer's company

✔ Offer a wide range of products: A one-stop solution should offer a variety of Partners with reliable suppliers: Partnering with reliable suppliers for materials, equipment, and services can help ensure the business runs smoothly and efficiently.

✔By taking these steps: a garments business can become a one-stop solution that offers a range of garments products such as t-shirts, pants, jackets, dresses, etc. This will allow customers to find all they need in one place.

✔Provide customization services: Offering customization services such as printing, embroidery, or alterations can make the business more attractive to customers who want personalized garments.

✔Offer design services: A one-stop solution should also offer design services to help customers create their unique designs or modify existing designs.

✔Use high-quality materials: High-quality materials will help ensure the garments are durable and long-lasting, leading to satisfied customers.

✔Ensure timely delivery: Delivering garments on time is crucial for customer satisfaction, so the business should have a system to ensure timely delivery.

✔Provide excellent customer service: Providing excellent customer service will help build customer loyalty and attract new customers. This can be achieved by offering friendly and helpful support, addressing customer concerns promptly, and providing after-sales support.

At our garments manufacturer company, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Building long-term relationships with our customers is crucial to our success. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied with our products and services.

Best quality Wholesale T-shirt specification:

Group: Men / Women

⇒ Elements: Cotton / Polyester / Cool pass / Spandex

⇒ Color: Red / Black / White / Grey / Customized

⇒ Size: Normally XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL / Customized

⇒ Weight limits : 160-170 / 190-200 / 230-240 GSM

⇒ Print : Screen Printing, Transfer Printing, Cad Cut Vinyl, Embroidery

⇒ Technics: Jacquard, Dot, Stripe, Twill, Plain

⇒ Features: Antibacterial, Quick Dry, Sweat-Absorbing, Skin-Friendly

⇒ MOQ: 200 Pieces For Each Color

⇒Wrapping: 2 Pieces Pack / Polybag, 50 Pieces / Carton or Customized

Best quality Wholesale T-shirt specification

Manufacturing And Wholesale supply T-shirts for Men:

We are a top-ranking Garments company which specializes in men’s T-shirts. We manufacture and wholesale different types of t-shirts for men, i.e., sports, graphic, neck, 100 cotton, fitted, long sleeve, v-neck, blank, fashion t-shirt, and more. We work with the best quality fabrics. Our men’s t-shirts are simple and versatile and work virtually any occasion.

Our products have been popular all over the earth, i.e., in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and other international markets.

Manufacturing And Wholesale supply of T-shirts for women:

Sapna Bunon Garments Factory is a leading best quality women’s t-shirt manufacturer, exporter, supplier, and factory in Bangladesh. From Wholesale to bulk women’s t-shirt export, we do it. We provide updated design t-shirts for women, e.g., Basic half sleeve T-shirt, Long sleeve Crew neck T-shirts, Polo collar t-shirts, V-neck t-shirt, Yoke neck t-shirts (Girls’), Boyfriend t-shirts (Girls’), Douchebag neck t-shirt (Scoop neck), Henley collar T-shirt.

Conclusion: Finally, a reliable organization in the garment industry is Swapnabunon. In 2010, Swapno Bunon Ltd. was founded. After 10 years, despite significant modifications and interruptions, our firm is still driven by creativity, dependability, and innovation. Swapno Bunon Ltd., an end-to-end supply chain management platform, can meet your needs for purchasing textiles and apparel from Bangladesh.

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