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How we execute

Swapno Bunon Ltd. Works With:

We are a global team of industry experts who brings innovative products to life. We constantly experiment with new ways of working to deliver value to our customers.

Our people drive our business so we strive to attract and reward the best in our industry. We may have different backgrounds, but we share many things in common: a commitment to great design, innovation, teamwork, and delighting our customers. Every day, our people design, source, produce and deliver consumer goods across multiple product categories to shoppers around the world.

We have some talent & innovative designers, merchandisers, Energetic & dedicated QA/QC and helpful Logistics team here. We are using speed, innovation and digitalization to transform our business in ways the industry has never seen before. 

How Swapno Bunon Ltd. Work’s With Suppliers?

We focus on capacity building to enable our suppliers to better manage their factories.

Sustained change in our industry takes time and investment. As a leading supply chain solutions and logistics solutions company, we support our suppliers to improve factory working conditions to meet ever-changing industry expectations.

Our assessment, technical support and capacity-building efforts focus on establishing better-managed factories and better working conditions. We believe that to achieve sustained change in the supply chain, it is essential to support factories to raise compliance standards and ensure that factories have the information and training to build their capacity to integrate social and environmental best practices into their day-to-day operations. Building capability across our supplier base helps raise compliance standards in the industry.